Tons of Refrigeration to Water Horsepower

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How to convert Tons of Refrigeration to Water Horsepower

1 [Tons of Refrigeration] = 4.7140082302227 [Water Horsepower]
[Water Horsepower] = [Tons of Refrigeration] * 4.7140082302227
To convert Tons of Refrigeration to Water Horsepower multiply Tons of Refrigeration * 4.7140082302227.


12 Tons of Refrigeration to Water Horsepower
12 [Tons of Refrigeration] * 4.7140082302227 = 56.568098762672 [Water Horsepower]

Conversion table

Tons of Refrigeration Water Horsepower
0.01 Tons of Refrigeration0.047140082302227 Water Horsepower
0.1 Tons of Refrigeration0.47140082302227 Water Horsepower
1 Tons of Refrigeration4.7140082302227 Water Horsepower
2 Tons of Refrigeration9.4280164604453 Water Horsepower
3 Tons of Refrigeration14.142024690668 Water Horsepower
4 Tons of Refrigeration18.856032920891 Water Horsepower
5 Tons of Refrigeration23.570041151113 Water Horsepower
10 Tons of Refrigeration47.140082302227 Water Horsepower
15 Tons of Refrigeration70.71012345334 Water Horsepower
50 Tons of Refrigeration235.70041151113 Water Horsepower
100 Tons of Refrigeration471.40082302227 Water Horsepower
500 Tons of Refrigeration2357.0041151113 Water Horsepower
1000 Tons of Refrigeration4714.0082302227 Water Horsepower

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