Tons of Refrigeration to Electric Horsepower

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How to convert Tons of Refrigeration to Electric Horsepower

1 [Tons of Refrigeration] = 4.7142799491957 [Electric Horsepower]
[Electric Horsepower] = [Tons of Refrigeration] * 4.7142799491957
To convert Tons of Refrigeration to Electric Horsepower multiply Tons of Refrigeration * 4.7142799491957.


15 Tons of Refrigeration to Electric Horsepower
15 [Tons of Refrigeration] * 4.7142799491957 = 70.714199237936 [Electric Horsepower]

Conversion table

Tons of Refrigeration Electric Horsepower
0.01 Tons of Refrigeration0.047142799491957 Electric Horsepower
0.1 Tons of Refrigeration0.47142799491957 Electric Horsepower
1 Tons of Refrigeration4.7142799491957 Electric Horsepower
2 Tons of Refrigeration9.4285598983914 Electric Horsepower
3 Tons of Refrigeration14.142839847587 Electric Horsepower
4 Tons of Refrigeration18.857119796783 Electric Horsepower
5 Tons of Refrigeration23.571399745979 Electric Horsepower
10 Tons of Refrigeration47.142799491957 Electric Horsepower
15 Tons of Refrigeration70.714199237936 Electric Horsepower
50 Tons of Refrigeration235.71399745979 Electric Horsepower
100 Tons of Refrigeration471.42799491957 Electric Horsepower
500 Tons of Refrigeration2357.1399745979 Electric Horsepower
1000 Tons of Refrigeration4714.2799491957 Electric Horsepower

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