Tons of Refrigeration to Metric Horsepower

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How to convert Tons of Refrigeration to Metric Horsepower

1 [Tons of Refrigeration] = 4.7815891489958 [Metric Horsepower]
[Metric Horsepower] = [Tons of Refrigeration] * 4.7815891489958
To convert Tons of Refrigeration to Metric Horsepower multiply Tons of Refrigeration * 4.7815891489958.


11 Tons of Refrigeration to Metric Horsepower
11 [Tons of Refrigeration] * 4.7815891489958 = 52.597480638954 [Metric Horsepower]

Conversion table

Tons of Refrigeration Metric Horsepower
0.01 Tons of Refrigeration0.047815891489958 Metric Horsepower
0.1 Tons of Refrigeration0.47815891489958 Metric Horsepower
1 Tons of Refrigeration4.7815891489958 Metric Horsepower
2 Tons of Refrigeration9.5631782979917 Metric Horsepower
3 Tons of Refrigeration14.344767446988 Metric Horsepower
4 Tons of Refrigeration19.126356595983 Metric Horsepower
5 Tons of Refrigeration23.907945744979 Metric Horsepower
10 Tons of Refrigeration47.815891489958 Metric Horsepower
15 Tons of Refrigeration71.723837234938 Metric Horsepower
50 Tons of Refrigeration239.07945744979 Metric Horsepower
100 Tons of Refrigeration478.15891489958 Metric Horsepower
500 Tons of Refrigeration2390.7945744979 Metric Horsepower
1000 Tons of Refrigeration4781.5891489958 Metric Horsepower

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