Quarts (US) to Gallons (UK)

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How to convert Quarts (US) to Gallons (UK)

1 [Quarts (US)] = 0.20816854615725 [Gallons (UK)]
[Gallons (UK)] = [Quarts (US)] / 4.8037997020194
To convert Quarts (US) to Gallons (UK) divide Quarts (US) / 4.8037997020194.


62 Quarts (US) to Gallons (UK)
62 [qt (US)] / 4.8037997020194 = 12.906449861749 [gal (UK)]

Conversion table

Quarts (US) Gallons (UK)
0.01 qt (US)0.0020816854615725 gal (UK)
0.1 qt (US)0.020816854615725 gal (UK)
1 qt (US)0.20816854615725 gal (UK)
2 qt (US)0.41633709231449 gal (UK)
3 qt (US)0.62450563847174 gal (UK)
4 qt (US)0.83267418462899 gal (UK)
5 qt (US)1.0408427307862 gal (UK)
10 qt (US)2.0816854615725 gal (UK)
15 qt (US)3.1225281923587 gal (UK)
50 qt (US)10.408427307862 gal (UK)
100 qt (US)20.816854615725 gal (UK)
500 qt (US)104.08427307862 gal (UK)
1000 qt (US)208.16854615725 gal (UK)

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