Quarts (UK) to Gallons (US)

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How to convert Quarts (UK) to Gallons (US)

1 [Quarts (UK)] = 0.30023748137621 [Gallons (US)]
[Gallons (US)] = [Quarts (UK)] / 3.330696738516
To convert Quarts (UK) to Gallons (US) divide Quarts (UK) / 3.330696738516.


61 Quarts (UK) to Gallons (US)
61 [qt (UK)] / 3.330696738516 = 18.314486363949 [gal (US)]

Conversion table

Quarts (UK) Gallons (US)
0.01 qt (UK)0.0030023748137621 gal (US)
0.1 qt (UK)0.030023748137621 gal (US)
1 qt (UK)0.30023748137621 gal (US)
2 qt (UK)0.60047496275243 gal (US)
3 qt (UK)0.90071244412864 gal (US)
4 qt (UK)1.2009499255049 gal (US)
5 qt (UK)1.5011874068811 gal (US)
10 qt (UK)3.0023748137621 gal (US)
15 qt (UK)4.5035622206432 gal (US)
50 qt (UK)15.011874068811 gal (US)
100 qt (UK)30.023748137621 gal (US)
500 qt (UK)150.11874068811 gal (US)
1000 qt (UK)300.23748137621 gal (US)

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