Pints (UK) to Gallons (US)

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How to convert Pints (UK) to Gallons (US)

1 [Pints (UK)] = 0.15011874068811 [Gallons (US)]
[Gallons (US)] = [Pints (UK)] / 6.6613934770319
To convert Pints (UK) to Gallons (US) divide Pints (UK) / 6.6613934770319.


61 Pints (UK) to Gallons (US)
61 [pt (UK)] / 6.6613934770319 = 9.1572431819745 [gal (US)]

Conversion table

Pints (UK) Gallons (US)
0.01 pt (UK)0.0015011874068811 gal (US)
0.1 pt (UK)0.015011874068811 gal (US)
1 pt (UK)0.15011874068811 gal (US)
2 pt (UK)0.30023748137621 gal (US)
3 pt (UK)0.45035622206432 gal (US)
4 pt (UK)0.60047496275243 gal (US)
5 pt (UK)0.75059370344053 gal (US)
10 pt (UK)1.5011874068811 gal (US)
15 pt (UK)2.2517811103216 gal (US)
50 pt (UK)7.5059370344053 gal (US)
100 pt (UK)15.011874068811 gal (US)
500 pt (UK)75.059370344053 gal (US)
1000 pt (UK)150.11874068811 gal (US)

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