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Nautical miles to Centimeters

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To convert nautical miles to centimeters, multiply the [nmi] quantity * 185200.

Nautical miles

Nautical mile (nmi) is a unit used in maritime navigation as well as in aviation.


A centimeter (cm) is an aliquot of a meter, equal to 1/100 of its part. This is one of the basic units in the CGS system. A centimeter is a very popular unit, used by many for daily measurements. 1 centimeter is 0.01 meters, 0.3937 inches, or 0.03281 English feet.

One cubic centimeter (cm3 ) corresponds to a volume of one milliliter (1 ml).

Formula (nmi to cm)

[cm] = [nmi] * 185200.

Nautical miles - other converters (length)

Nautical miles (nmi)Centimeters (cm)
0.0001 nmi18.52 cm
0.001 nmi185.2 cm
0.01 nmi1852 cm
0.1 nmi18520 cm
1 nmi185200 cm
3 nmi555600 cm
5 nmi926000 cm
10 nmi1852000 cm
15 nmi2778000 cm
50 nmi9260000 cm
100 nmi18520000 cm
1000 nmi185200000 cm

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