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Centimeters per second to Miles per hour

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Change to Miles per hour to Centimeters per second
To convert centimeters per second to miles per hour, divide the [cm/s] quantity / 44.704.

Miles per hour

Miles per hour is a unit known mainly from Anglo-Saxon countries. The mph unit of speed is one English mile per hour. Therefore, an object moving at an average speed of 20 mph should travel about 20 miles in an hour, i.e. ~32 km.

Formula (cm/s to mph)

[mph] = [cm/s] / 44.704.

Centimeters per second - other converters (speed)

Centimeters per second (cm/s)Miles per hour (mph)
0.0001 cm/s2.2369362920544E-6 mph
0.001 cm/s2.2369362920544E-5 mph
0.01 cm/s0.00022369362920544 mph
0.1 cm/s0.0022369362920544 mph
1 cm/s0.022369362920544 mph
3 cm/s0.067108088761632 mph
5 cm/s0.11184681460272 mph
10 cm/s0.22369362920544 mph
15 cm/s0.33554044380816 mph
50 cm/s1.1184681460272 mph
100 cm/s2.2369362920544 mph
1000 cm/s22.369362920544 mph

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