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Kilometers to Light years

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To convert kilometers to light years, divide the [km] quantity / 9461000000000.


A kilometer (km) is a commonly known and used multiple of (1000) meters, it's the basic unit of the SI system. 1 kilometer corresponds to a length of 1000 meters, about 0.621 English miles, about 1094 yards or about 3281 English feet.

Light years

Light year (ly) is a unit of distance used in astronomy. One light year is equal to the distance traveled by light in a vacuum over one Julian year (365.25 days).

Formula (km to ly)

[ly] = [km] / 9461000000000.

Kilometers - other converters (length)

Kilometers (km)Light years (ly)
0.0001 km1.056970721911E-17 ly
0.001 km1.056970721911E-16 ly
0.01 km1.056970721911E-15 ly
0.1 km1.056970721911E-14 ly
1 km1.056970721911E-13 ly
3 km3.170912165733E-13 ly
5 km5.284853609555E-13 ly
10 km1.056970721911E-12 ly
15 km1.5854560828665E-12 ly
50 km5.284853609555E-12 ly
100 km1.056970721911E-11 ly
1000 km1.056970721911E-10 ly

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