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How to use unit converters on Multi-converter.com?

First of all, you need to make sure that your browser supports modern technologies like JavaScript and jQuery, which are necessary to our converters can work correctly. If your browser doesn't support JavaScript, then you should get the error above the converter. After selecting a specific converter, complete the first field with the amount of the given unit to be converted. The converter should automatically display the result in the field on the right.

Frequently asked questions:

There are also converters on categories pages, how to use them?
These converters works similar as those on specific pages. The main difference is that you need to pick units from the lists, like on the below example: converter example

I'm on centimeters to meters page, but I want to convert meters to centimeters. How to reverse units?
In majority cases it's allowed by clicking on reverse button, which should be placed under the converter. reverse units

I found a mistake. How can I report it?
We're trying to serve great, faultless content, however we're also only a people, and sometimes we couldn't notice some things. We're so thankful for every report, which you can send for our e-mail, which is available on the Contact page.

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We strive to ensure that the information presented on the Multi-converter.com they are correct and up-to-date, and that the calculators present correct results. However, we do not guarantee their accuracy and are not responsible for any errors. If found an error, we would be grateful if you report to the e-mail address available in the "Contact" page. We will try to fix it!